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Travel Directions:

  1. Take NH-16 / Spaulding Turnpike north or south bound to Exit 15, (northbound go right off ramp, southbound go left off ramp).
  2. Go through two (2) sets of lights, (do not count lights controlling exit ramps), and at the Burger King, turn right on Twombly St., at end turn right on Walnut St., (202-A).
  3. Go under the overpass and proceed up the road until the road descends, Sampson Rd. will be on your right at the height-of-land. Look for 45 on the mail box, (right), and come in the driveway. The house is not visible from the road.
  4. From:
      1. Manchester take NH-125 to Rochester, take NH-16, (bypass) north, then {1}
      2. Concord I-393 & US-202 to Rochester, take NH-16, US-202, (bypass), north, {1}
      3. Alton/Farmington take NH-11 south, cross the Turnpike overpass, then {2}
      4. Maine Get on NH-16 and proceed to Rochester as appropriate, then {1}
  5. Toll Saver from Dover:
      1. Follow NH-108 to Rochester; As you approach the downtown circle, move to the left lane. After the Fire Station, turn left on Union St. and move to right lane.
      2. Turn right on to North Main and watch for a three way intersection. Bear slightly to left taking the middle road, (Walnut St. Note the 202-A sign.). After the overpass, proceed from {3} above.
  6. From Milton, (NH-125 south), and did not get on NH-16, proceed on into Rochester and turn right, (downtown circle), on to Union St. and stay in right lane. Proceed from {5.b}