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Digital Photography & Fine Art Services

The general intent of this process is to create a 'better' picture than the one you currently have.

The digital enhancement process does not harm or alter your original pictures in any way. In very simple terms, a copy of the picture is scanned into a computer. The resulting image file is manipulated by an analyst using sophisticated software to change the image file. When completed, you have both the original and an improved copy.

It is possible to achieve some amazing results with this process. The underlying image can be recovered from fade, drawn out of the shadows, or both. Damaged pictures are 'fixed' by zapping the artifacts, filling the cracks, smoothing the folds, bleaching the stains, repairing the rips, and stitching torn pictures back together. Color can be added to black & white pictures, and color casts can be added or removed from color pictures. Objects such as people and backgrounds can be added, removed, or changed. It is even possible to 'create' a picture from two or more pictures.

Your pictures will be evaluated and you will be sent the evaluation results via e-mail or other suitable method. You may elect to accept the restoration, modify, or cancel the project as you see fit.

Payment in full, (for restoration services and all deliverables), is required when the proof copy is accepted and before the deliverables are shipped.

The restoration and deliverables are separate and independent operations that are priced separately. Restoration is done once to create the corrected digital image file. The deliverables are how you want the corrected images returned to you and made from the restored image file. You may select traditional photographic prints, and/or digital image files, (E-negatives).